Promyze, a support to help tomorrow's developers discover software quality

The ubiquity of digital technology requires professionals trained in good development practices and sustainable software construction methods.

Promyze, a support to help tomorrow's developers discover software quality

Promyze, the ideal tool to illustrate your programming concepts and support your students

Build best practice guides

Do you teach a coding language ? Principles of software architecture? You have certainly defined a guide to properly apply these principles.

Moreover, you reuse these best practices through different training courses.

Promyze allows you to define these best practices, categorise them in profiles and easily reuse them for your different training courses.

Your recommendations illustrated with tangible examples

Best development practice is often explained with simple and generic examples, which has certain limitations in real project cases.

Their understanding proves more effective if several tangible examples of implementation and counter-examples are included in the documentation.
With Promyze, you can identify these examples from the code produced by your students or your own code.

A new experience to accompany your students

Whether they work alone or in groups, ensuring that your students have assimilated best practice requires investment and support.

Promyze's Craft Workshops make it easy to keep track of the product code by centralising the work produced by your students.

Collective retrospectives make it possible to capitalise on the dissemination of knowledge and the increase in skills of each student.

The importance of teamwork and collective ownership of the code

Introduce students to the issues of technical debt in the industry and the importance of managing this problem.

The risk of bugs, exploding maintenance costs and loss of team motivation are all negative impacts linked to poor management of a project's technical debt.Being aware of the medium and long term impact of the technical choices made by the team is a valuable asset for developers.

Controlling and monitoring technical debt requires a certain rigour and organisation, in order to anchor this management in team processes.Promyze supports teams in monitoring the evolution of their technical debt, and automates the implementation of action plans to suggest relevant operations to be carried out in the source code.

Promyze raises students' awareness of coding rules and accompanies them throughout their course to offer them a relevant and caring look at their development practices.These skills will be all the more appreciated at the beginning of their career.


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