Benefit from Promyze directly while coding with IDE plugins

Share your knowledge with your team by highlighting practices in your code for discussion in a Craft Workshop. Your team’s practices will be automatically suggested in your IDE based on the lines you edit.

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Automatic suggestions based on your own best practices examples

As you code, the practices corresponding to the code you are writing appear in a dedicated window. Promyze then allows you to display examples of good usage of these practices to apply them directly in your code.

Find your best practices directly in your IDE

A tab allows you to list all your best practices. By clicking on one of them, you will find its description as well as the associated code examples.

It is also possible to access your current Craft Workshop sessions as well as the current battles on current practices from this tab.

Identify or create best practices on the code you are modifying.

Put a tag or create a best practice on any file, anything is possible! This tag will be presented at the next Craft Workshop retrospective. This retrospective will therefore be able to focus on several files from different projects. 

Highlight your refactorings

When you identify a piece of code that can be improved, put a tag corresponding to the associated practice as a ‘negative’. You can then modify this code to improve it. Right click again to indicate that the modification you have just made is the improvement of the tag you have previously put in negative mode.

The negative tag and its associated correction will be presented at the next Craft Workshop retrospective.

Thus, each developer will be able to present the improvements made to the code during the past week.


Send code directly to a Craft Workshop

You can send a complete file or only a piece of code to a Craft Workshop so that the development team can identify good or bad practices on it.

It also allows you to highlight files containing best practices that you would like to present to the rest of the team or on the contrary to share code that could be improved in order to discuss it as a team and have suggestions for improvement.

Find identified tags in your IDE

The best/worst practices identified during code reviews / Craft Workshop or from your IDE are found directly on the files you open from your IDE. You can then improve the code by refactoring in case it is a bad practice and save your correction in Promyze to illustrate the description of the associated practice.

The Craft workshop is part of the development of their projects.

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