Optimal maintainability for all your software products

Promyze is the key code quality improvement platform that enables companies to be more profitable.

Optimal maintainability for all your software products

Efficient productivity on development projects

On average, 40% of a developer's time is allocated to code correction. 40% of the time that is not on improving or implementing new features. By improving the quality of the code, you reduce this precious time to focus on what matters: the progress of your project.

Code quality offers strong maintainability. By having the best practices throughout the project, the software is maintained, in a consistent manner and at a lower cost, in working order. Product correction is carried out more simply and quickly, which greatly reduces intervention times and costs.

Fixing bugs, updating features or upgrading software is expensive. At best, the time of the development team, at worst, a shutdown of your product. The efficiency linked to the quality of the code has a direct impact on production costs and therefore on profitability. Code quality is a question of company profitability.


The Craft Workshop is part of the development of their projects.

A more efficient team at every stage of development

Strong team
Work smarter
Constant improvement

Through various experiences, the members of the development team have acquired different ways of doing things.

By exchanging on the practices of each one during a dedicated moment, the retrospective, the development team capitalizes on its knowledge to improve the code of its product and implements common good practices. There is then an alignment of practices.

With Promyze, you have access to Craft Workshops to define and disseminate good practices.

Communicating, training, exchanging on good practices, correcting the code or taking decisions on the actions to be carried out, as a team, allow a continuous improvement of the code and therefore of the project.

And this is done in one place: Promyze.

The development team finds exchanges, decisions and actions concerning the code more quickly while reducing the number of meetings and e-mails.

With Promyze, the development team improves the quality of its code for current and future projects.

With the Crafts Workshops, members work on code extracts to be improved; propose corrections as well as good practices to be applied directly.

Promyze brings together all the practices illustrated by examples written by the team itself, enabling it to better assimilate good practices.

Promyze, the easy to set up collaborative platform

Promyze simple integration

Simple integration

  • Connection to your version manager and qualimetry tools
  • Integration with your company directories
  • Selection of files to work on
  • Integration of a first set of good practices by default
  • Automatic suggestion of action plans to improve team practices on a daily basis
  • 3 modes: Workshop where each member of the team leads the implementation of the good practices; Review to exchange on these good practices; Summary to show the good practices to be integrated and to highlight the areas for improvement during the retrospective.
Optimised interface with promyze

Optimised interface

  • A dashboard for each member with their number of sessions, their personalised action plan and what they have done in Promyze.
  • A gamification to create more exchanges around methods and good practices of clean code and testing.
  • Customised feedback that values positive actions on the quality of projects for each developer.
Échanges encadrés avec promyze

Supervised exchanges

  • A Craft Workshop to define the framework, analyse and correct the practices identified.
  • A retrospective to exchange and validate good practices as a team
  • Strategies on what to do and where to do it in order to make concrete progress
  • Good practices with examples selected by the team and available at all times in Promyze to have a reference point.

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