Frequent questions

  • In which languages do you offer Promyze?

    Promyze is currently available in French and English

  • What is the difference between Promyze and linters like SonarQube ?

    Promyze has no limit in the set of practices that can be defined. Linters won't be able to identify most of them. Promyze is, therefore, complementary to these tools.

  • What languages are supported by Promyze ?

    We support all programming languages.

  • What problem does Promyze solve ?

    Promyze allows development teams to quickly and efficiently improve their technical skills.

  • We already have regular technical rituals. How can Promyze help us?

    Technical rituals are sometimes complex to organize and lead. Promyze supports these workshops to allow developers to daily identify discussion topics that will be addressed during the workshop retrospective.

  • We already have a wiki with best practices. What additional value does Promyze bring?

    Wikis are challenging to maintain and rarely the result of a collaborative team effort. The examples are often theoretical and difficult to apply in the context of the teams. With Promyze, the repository of practices evolves every week according to the topics discussed during development. The examples are taken directly from the source code on which the team is working. Moreover, the team built this repository, facilitating its application and making each person an actor.

  • If we do pair / mob programming, do we need Promyze ?

    Even if pair / mob programming sessions allow knowledge sharing, it is crucial to capitalize on the best practices implemented during these sessions by catching them within Promyze. If the team changes, onboarding will be more efficient. Promyze also allows sharing those practices with other teams

  • How much time should a team set up Craft Workshops with Promyze ?

    We recommend organizing a 1-hour workshop every two weeks.

  • How long does it take to get up and running on Promyze ?

    Getting started is fast, and an onboarding system with short videos guides you through the different features of Promyze.

  • How is Promyze installed locally in our infrastructure ?

    You’ll need Docker to deploy Promyze by yourself.