Craft Workshops, a knowledge sharing session for your best  coding practices

Identify code best practices, and discuss them with your team to define the practices most adapted to your context together. The Craft Workshop is a new ritual to run knowledge sharing session on best coding practices.

Increase your skills through knowledge sharing session with Promyze

Identification of practices

Identification of practices

From his IDE or during a code review, each developer identifies good practices (followed or not) on recent code. Clean code, architecture, tests, java, react, performance ... all topics can be discussed.

Craft Workshop

Craft Workshop

Once a month, the team meets for one hour during a Craft Workshop to discuss the identified practices, validate or modify them. This knowledge sharing session targets technical explanations and new practices may emerge during the workshop.

Automatics suggestions

Automatics suggestions

From your IDE, Promyze highlights the best/bad practices corresponding to the code you are editing. During a code review, Promyze highlights the practices corresponding to the code that is displayed on the screen.
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Identify best practices directly on your code

Each developer identifies best practices (followed or not) in a few recent files, and can propose new ones. This is done in Promyze or in the developer’s IDE. Clean Code, Architecture, Testing, Performance, Security, … all topics can be addressed.

Discuss as a team the practices identified

During a workshop retrospective, the team discusses the identified practices together. Each developer details and justifies his proposals. An open discussion starts, allowing to determine the choice most adapted to the project context.

Launch a battle to collectively choose a practice

If an identified practice does not achieve consensus in the team, a battle begins. Each member can then add his arguments for or against this practice and vote to implement it or not.

Easily find all your practices

The practices created are centralized in Promyze and available from the IDE. Catalogs of practices allow you to organize them efficiently. They are updated and consolidated after each workshop, and can also be easily shared with other teams.

Each example identified in your code or refactoring suggestion is recorded in the practice description.

Take advantage of automatic suggestions from your practices!

When you code in your IDE or during a code review, Promyze accompanies you and suggests the best/bad practices that correspond to the code you are editing or reviewing.

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The Craft workshop is part of the development of their projects.

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