Support details

Technical debt analysis

Accurate follow-up analysis of the evolution of the qualimetry indicators. Support in the configuration and integration of the different qualimetry tools (SonarQube / Code Coverage etc.).

Action plans on technical debt

Support on the implementation of effective action plans on the improvement of technical debt (important files, most relevant practices)

Specific organization of Craft Workshops

Implementation of the best organization depending on the context of the teams followed by the coach : cross team workshops, implementation of specific themes, variation in formats.

Managing the team's best practices repository

Management support to help implement best practices within the team and to disseminate the strategy efficiently within the other teams.

Production of reports

Creation of monitoring reports with relevant indicators according to the context encountered and the objectives of the teams. The indicators relate to technical debt, tests and Craft Workshops.

New developer onboarding plan

Define a repository with the Promyze coach of the most important practices and concrete examples for each team so that a new developer can quickly identify the team's most important current practices.

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