Promyze, Coach Craft's ideal partner for supporting development teams

A platform designed to effectively support teams in improving their development practices.

Promyze, Coach Craft's ideal partner for supporting development teams

A rethought support for a better integration of software quality within teams

A tool designed to combine technology with your pedagogy

You bring Clean Code concepts to development teams and help them improve their practices through your human and pedagogical support. Your tool must therefore be a facilitator, a support for your work. Promyze allows you to work on precise themes (languages, frameworks) from files you have selected. The team identifies and analyses the good practices to be implemented. Promyze is there to illustrate your teaching concepts.

Unique support for each team

Each company has its own way of operating and examples to support good practice may be absent in the company. But what could be more effective for learning than examples that speak for themselves? With Promyze, you present development concepts on different subjects (testing, performance, architecture, Clean Code, security, etc.) using concrete examples from the team's own source code. The team can thus learn directly from its own work.

An emergence of good practices in only 1 hour

The issue of continuous improvement of code quality can sometimes be put aside due to lack of time. However, code quality is essential to have a well-designed software, less technical debt and a high-performance team. Your support is therefore precious, as is the time of the development teams. Thanks to Promyze, in just 1 hour per week, you can bring out many Clean Code concepts and apply them directly within the teams.

Easier management of your accompaniment

Easy to set up
Team follow-up

Setting up the Promyze platform takes 10 minutes:


– A simple registration in 1 minute
– Creation of a workspace in 1 minute
– Invitations sent to the team you are accompanying in 5 minutes (depending on the size of the team)
– Adding source code in 3 minutes


Everything is ready to start your support thanks to the Ateliers Craft, a new approach dedicated to the definition and dissemination of good practices directly in Promyze.

Promyze works with workspaces.

Each team has its own workspace to add its source code files, work on them and implement best practices.

You have access to all these workspaces from a single place, your dashboard. You navigate from one workspace to another with a simple click.

As a Craft Coach, you have no workspace boundaries. All the content you produce is also reusable from one space to another.

Thanks to the Craft Workshops, you better define the framework for analysing and correcting the practices identified with the team you are coaching.

With Promyze, support is both collective and individual.

Coupled with your coaching where you identify allies and train the team, the tool allows you to have a common base, to make the team work together to guarantee the durability of the good practices put in place after your coaching.

They use Promyze

Constant learning for you on best development practices

The Craft Workshop is done directly in Promyze and consists of 3 main steps :

The definition of good practice

The definition of good practice

Facilitating the implementation of good practices

Facilitating the implementation of good practices

Wide dissemination of good practice

Wide dissemination of good practice

Use Promyze for your accompaniment

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