Benefit from Promyze during code reviews

Share your knowledge with your team by highlighting practices in your code for discussion in a Craft Workshop. Your team’s practices will be automatically suggested during a code review based on the lines displayed.

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Identify best practices during a code review

By selecting some code or directly from a comment, you can create or identify a best practice to save and present it during a Craft Workshop with your team.

This will help the onboarding of new developers and the validated practices will be automatically suggested in the developers IDE.

Benefit from code review assistance with automatic suggestions

Promyze supports you during a code review by highlighting the best/bad practices on the screen. These suggestions are based on code examples already identified by your team.

You can quickly create a merge request comment from a suggested practice !


View a list of your team's best practices

A window allows you to list all your best practices. By clicking on one of them, you will find its full description.

The plugin works on any web page, so it is possible to use it for GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure and Helix Swarm.

Centralize your best practices and associated code examples

Everything you identify from the Promyze plugin is saved in your space. You can create practice catalogs from what you have identified and share them with other teams.

The Craft Workshop is part of the development of their projects.

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