Legacy code: 4 steps to master and reduce your technical debt

Legacy projects come with additional challenges for code quality. They underwent many changes (more or less significant) and are probably not maintained by the original authors. Due to a lack of anticipation at design time or complex maintenance, they often have accumulated substantial technical debt. You maintain such an application and want to control its

Understanding the “12-factors app” for a cloud application

When we think about the architecture of a cloud application, several keywords keep coming up: elasticity, scale, volatility, microservices. And it’s no coincidence because that’s the very nature of the Cloud. How do you take advantage of it, and what are the architectural anti-patterns to avoid? In 2012 and through several feedbacks, teams from Heroku

5 good reasons to grow your investments in software quality

Developer, tech lead, project manager or manager, you are convinced of the importance and the benefits of software quality, and more particularly of source code quality. Having learned the principles of modern development (Agility, Clean Code, Craftmanship, Continuous Integration, etc.), you are full of enthusiasm and want to drastically improve the development environment of your

Simplify your promises with async/await: four examples

Node.js version 8.9, released in fall 2017, is the first LTS (long time support) version including ECMAScript 2017 support. This is an opportunity to simplify the use of promises thanks to the asynchronous functions and both async await keywords: your code will be simpler, more readable, and maintainable. In short: clean. Node.js, as often with JavaScript, relies on

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