We will talk about Software Craftsmanship at the Software Quality Club

We are pleased to speak again at the Software Quality Club, this time about Software Craftsmanship. This day will take place at Henix, 25 avenue du Docteur Lannelongue in Parison 29 November 2018 from 9am. We will intervene at the end of the morning.   The complete programme of the day can be found directly

Feedback: Gamification for technical debt and tests management

As part of the software test evening at Sophia, Xavier was able to present feedback on the gamification of software quality. The conference is available on video here : [vc_video title=”Gaming of technical debt and tests” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jUkYEfAO8Q”]

Craft Workshops: An effective way to define and disseminate good development practices

It is well known that good development practices make it possible to speed up software production while guaranteeing a high level of quality. However, to be fully effective, they must be tailor-made, i.e. they must fully correspond to the organisation (individual, team, company) that implements them. The definition and dissemination of good practices are therefore

Webinar with All4Test on Themis Craft Workshops

For many years, the subject of software maintenance has been crucial and must question the way we produce durable, reliable and robust software. Obtaining quality software implies the implementation of the following triptych: better specification, better development and better testing. Today, agile teams are increasingly structured to meet this need. During this webinar, our partner

Crowdtesting with Testeum!

Very often, when we develop a new application or a new feature of an existing product, we set up Quality processes to ensure that the implementation meets the needs of our clients: writing specifications, writing source code using BDD and TDD methods, functional tests (which can be automated), etc… Then, when everything is ready, we

Crowdtesting: Testeum answers our questions

Last week, we presented the Testeum   tool dedicated to Crowdtesting, with feedback from our internal use. Launched in spring 2020, this solution aims to democratise Crowdtesting. To go further in the discovery of the tool, we propose you an interview with the editor of Testeum, the company Hightest. ProMyze: At what stage in the

Discover the code review
Discovering the code review

You’ve probably already heard of code review. Would you like to understand better the principles of code review, the benefits it brings, and the essential points to watch out for to ensure that it takes place in good conditions? That’s what this article is all about! What is the code review? The principle of the

A look back at the French Software Testing Day 2020

It is a 12th edition of the JFTL (French Software Testing Day) which was held this year at the Belfry in Paris, given the current health context. Nevertheless, although the date was initially planned for April 1st, the organising committee did everything possible to ensure the success of this event, which is a must in

Promyze invited to Studio Renegade !

If the summer period was busy, with the SaaS version of our tool and the redesign of our site, it was also the opportunity to participate in the new show La.Fresh.Tech produced by Studio Renegade. This association produces programmes on a variety of themes (TV series, High Tech, electronics, code, cooking, debates, geek culture, etc.),

Themis became Promyze !

When we started the start-up in 2016, we had a lot of ideas in mind (and we still do today!) and had to draw the outlines of our project. Designing a tool to help development teams continuously improve the quality of their code was a major challenge, which we have always sought to meet. We

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