Benefit from your best practices automatically suggested

Whether you are programming in your IDE or reviewing your code, Promyze will suggest practices registered by your team that match the code in front of you.

Get suggestions while coding

Based on the line of code you are writing, Promyze proposes directly on your IDE the corresponding best practices as well as their description and an example of use.

To use this, you just need to install the Promyze IDE plugins.

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Get suggestion while reviewing

Automatic suggestions are also featured in code review plugins. They make it easier and faster to identify good and bad practices in your code. Then, you can correct more quickly your code in accordance with the practices approved by your team.

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Customize your automatic suggestions

Your best practices catalogs are specific to your teams and created by your teams with the craft workshops. Moreover, with each identified example or refactoring suggestion, you enrich the algorithm, which personalizes your Promyze experience step by step. The suggestions are therefore different for each team.

It is also possible to configure your suggestions with the keywords in order to have a finer customization for each practice.

Want to benefit from automatic suggestions ?

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