The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 by JetBrains

JetBrains just released the State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 report, a survey conducted every year to highlight trends in the industry regarding programming languages, tools, frameworks, teams organization, etc. This year 31,743 developers from 183 countries were involved in this survey to produce an overview of the global developer’s community. In this post, we point

AWS BugBust

AWS BugBust is a global competition for Java and Python developers to identify and fix 1 million bugs. Announced last June 24th, AWS BugBust is currently available in few US Regions and additional regions will come soon. Get started with BugBust This contest is fed with bugs, but you may wonder where they do

Interview of Sallah Kokaina by Promyze

Hello Sallah, can you introduce yourself in a few lines? And what are your missions today?   Hello, I am a Software Engineer passionate about technology and clean code. In addition to my years as a code enthusiast (high school, college, engineering school), I have 14 years of experience, mainly in France between Sophia-Antipolis and Paris.

Understanding the benefits of Peer (and Mob) Programming

Pair Programming, popularized by Kent Beck thanks to Extreme Programming (XP), takes an increasingly important place in IT organizations. However, some people misunderstood or misperceived the advantages of these practices. This article will highlight the interest and advantages of Pair and Mob Programming for a team and more globally for a project. Pair Programming? The

Simplify your promises with async/await: four examples

Node.js version 8.9, released in fall 2017, is the first LTS (long time support) version including ECMAScript 2017 support. This is an opportunity to simplify the use of promises thanks to the asynchronous functions and both async await keywords: your code will be simpler, more readable, and maintainable. In short: clean. Node.js, as often with JavaScript, relies on

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