Technical Debt
Learn to avoid accidental complexity and technical debt

Technical debt is a term that many software engineers have already heard, but on which they have divergent definitions. In most cases, it refers to: Issues that developers face when working on their source code, impacting their organizations’ business. Technical decisions made in the past that currently impact software maintenance and evolution. Time spent on

Code Review Comment
Turn your code review comments on GitLab into automatic suggestions for developers

Developers who practice code review sometimes feel lassitude and frustration when they repeat the same concepts and best practices in their comments. Code review is also about educating developers, so this observation is quite natural and part of the process. Still, there’s a gap to fill to optimize the overall code review and knowledge sharing process

Team communication
How to foster technical interactions with other teams of developers?

If you have several software development teams in your company, maybe you’ve already heard: “Our teams don’t talk to each other” This situation happened more than once with our customers at Promyze. Companies have brilliant engineers in their teams that work on complex challenges every day. Still, sometimes they feel frustrated because they lack interactions,

GitHub Pull Request
Observations on +10,000 Pull Requests on GitHub

Our motivation at Promyze was to have an overview of “what’s a typical public PR on GitHub ?”. This platform is used today by a large panel of organizations: single developers for their side projects, private companies, open-source organizations, universities, and so on. Our purpose is not to highlight data on PRs management in private companies, with teams working

Why should you define best practices with other developers?

Working efficiently as a team on a software project requires strong communication and definition of coding standards and best practices. A best practice is a rule that should be applied in your project, and it might target any topic: a programming language, a framework, security, performance, architecture, etc. A best practice for you is probably

Code Review Comment
Don’t keep your code review comments for you

During a code review, you formulate comments that can address various topics: readability design & architecture performance framework or language usage These explanations are insightful, but in most cases, they’ll only be read by the submitter of the review. Once the review is over (and the Pull/Merge Request is closed), it’s very seldom to retake

Php Storm
Share your PHP best practices with your team in PHPStorm

According to The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 released by JetBrains, PhpStorm is the most popular IDE used by PHP developers, while VS Code stands second. If you rework code, share your contributions with your team If you’re a PHP developer and work as a team, you may already have met source code in your project that you must

Why Notion has limits for managing best coding practices

Notion is definitively a tremendous knowledge-management system. We use it at Promyze (~10 people) for many use cases: Technical documentation: how to deploy our IDE plugins to their marketplace, brainstorming and writing solutions for a problem we have to solve, … any content that could be useful later. Marketing / Business: drafts of our blog

Save time during your code review on GitHub

Code reviews are great for ensuring best practices and educating developers. If you follow a basic set of principles, such as: Favoring small pieces of code to review (no longer than 500 LOC), Checking the code meets requirements before submitting a review (unit tests OK, documentation updated, …), Being kind and respectful when providing comments and

Help developers to raise the bar: the point of view of Alexandre Cuva

Hello Alexandre! First of all, can you introduce yourself in a few words and tell us more about your background? Hi, I am an organizational coach and Agile Technical, I help organizations decrease their internal complexity by moving to a simple structure that is easily scaled. I work with IT teams to adopt modern development

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