Promyze, la plateforme de définition de vos pratiques par la revue de code

Identifiez des bonnes pratiques sur votre code, discutez-en avec votre équipe pour définir ensemble les pratiques les mieux adaptées à votre contexte.

Promyze, the platform for defining your practices through code review

Identify good practices on your code, discuss them with your team to define the practices together.
best suited to your context.

Define your practices with Promyze

Set up your workshops quickly

Choose together source code files, recently modified, to define the next workshop. A few files are enough to start a team session. Import them easily from your source code repositories, your IDE plugins, or by simply loading files.

Bring out your practices during the workshops

Each developer identifies good practices in these files, followed or not, and can propose new ones. This is done in Promyze or in the developer's IDE. Clean Code, Architecture, Tests, Performance, Security, ... all subjects can be addressed.

Discuss as a team the practices identified

During a workshop retrospective, the team discusses together the practices identified. Each developer details and justifies their proposals. An open discussion begins, enabling the most appropriate choice to be made in the context of the project.

Easily find all your practices

The practices created are centralised in Promyze and available from IDE. Practice profiles allow to organise them efficiently. They are updated and consolidated after each workshop, and can also be easily shared with other teams.

The advantages of Promyze

Technical choices decided together

Workshops make exchanges more fluid and help the team to take the decisions best suited to their context. Battles record the team's votes and arguments on the most discussed practices, and help to decide their fate.

Living documentation

For each practice, examples and counter-examples are taken directly from the project's source code. This contextualisation facilitates appropriation by the developers. No more Wiki with "HelloWorld" examples!

Reinforced team cohesion

The transmission and sharing of knowledge is facilitated and consolidates communication on good practices and the quality of the code within the team. It is a real continuous improvement process.

More efficient boarding

The improvement of the team's practices is catalysed by regular exchanges on good practices to be adopted. New people quickly identify the practices to be followed and integrate more quickly.

More aligned practices

Discussed and better understood, they will be more easily implemented on a daily basis. The code will be more maintainable and more uniform, reducing the risk of technical debt and optimising the time spent on code review.

Help in following good practice

During the workshops, developers can propose corrections when a good practice is not followed. The original code and the correction offer a concrete example of resolution for the developers.

An innovative platform adapted to your projects and your team

You are a company and you develop as a team?

  • Promyze helps you to define as a team all the good practices adapted to your project, with our collaborative workshops.
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  • Do you help teams to raise their technical level together? The Promyze solution will quickly become your daily partner.
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Are you a school or do you train developers?

  • Our free offer for schools and universities accompanies you in making tomorrow's developers aware of good practices.
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