Promyze, the solution to share your best coding practices among developers

Share and retrieve knowledge about best software development practices with other developers on your team or other teams in your company. 

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Identify best practices directly in your IDE

Identify best and bad practices on any file while coding with the Promyze IDE plugin (available for VS Code, Visual Studio, Eclipse and the JetBrains suite). This plugin also allows you to benefit from automatic suggestions of your best practices when you code.

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Identify best practices directly during a code review

Identifying best practices directly during code reviews allows you to present them to the entire team during a retrospective. Promyze accompanies you by automatically highlighting the best/bad practices present in the code displayed on the screen during the review.

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Validate your best practices during a Craft Workshop

Each best practice created is recorded in Promyze in your team’s practice repository. The associated code examples (positive, negative and refactoring proposals) are also recorded and illustrate the different practices. These examples, which come from your source code, provide concrete examples of practices to follow.

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Accelerate the onboarding of new developers with the Discovery Workshops!

From your own best practices base, create Discovery Workshops on various topics (React, Java, Top 10 team practices, architecture, etc.).Newcomers will be able to identify these practices (where they have already been identified by the team) in order to discover the technical choices that have been implemented by your team (and discover your team’s code base at the same time!).

They use Promyze

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