Themis, the collaborative platform dedicated to software quality

Themis allows teams to define and disseminate their own best development practices .

Define and disseminate your best practices with Craft Workshops


1. Choose recent files from your projects

For example, select 2 Javascript files with many recently modified lines on which you want the team to identify practices.


2. The team creates and identifies best practices from these files

Chaque développeur va pouvoir identifier dans les fichiers des bonnes pratiques (qui sont suivies ou non). Il peut identifier des pratiques existantes ou alors créer une nouvelle pratique qui n’est pas encore dans la liste.


3. We discuss these practices during a retrospective

During this retrospective, each developer will present what he has identified as practical in the files. If a new practice is suggested, it should be validated by the team. The examples found by the team in the files will serve to illustrate the description of these practices.


4. Find your best practices and their examples

Themis stores your list of best practices defined by your teams, illustrated with examples from your source code.


Connect Themis to your linters to support teams in effective management of technical debt


Identify your axes d’amélioration individuels et d’équipe sur les pratiques de développement.

actions dette technique diagnostique

Plans d’actions

Que vous soyez développeur ou manager, créez des plans d’actions pour améliorer durablement la qualité du projet.

plans actions qualité logicielle


Themis suggest the most interesting files to improve .

suggestion correction dette technique

Follow up

Integrate your business indicators  and follow the l’impact des plans d’actions. Identifiez les actions à 

suivi impact indicateurs métiers


Générez de l’engagement dans l’équipe grace à des mécanismes gamification.

gamification qualité logicielle équipe

How does it works ?


Themis connects to your version control system (Git / SVN / RTC / TFS) and to linters (SonarQube / EsLint / Rubocop… etc.).

It aggregates information from these sources to give each developer personalized feedback and suggest relevant actions to make.

How does Themis help to monitor its technical debt on a daily basis?


Focus on new development actions within the team in order to exchange on current good practices.


A cockpit for each developer with personalized feedback that highlights positive actions on the quality of projects.


Suggested action plans automatically anchor daily improvement actions in team practices.


Gamification to create more exchanges around clean code, testing methods and good practices.

Rapid integration

Themis installs at your home with Docker , you just have to create your projects from the administration part by indicating the information of your code repositories and your qualimetry tools.


Themis suggests that you find the most important notifications in your usual communication tools . Notifications remain customizable
according to your needs.

  • Themis licenses
    € HT19monthly / developer
    • Support
    • Updates
    • Online support
  • Themis licenses
    € HT23monthly / developer
    • Support
    • Updates
    • Online support
  • Coaching Ateliers Craft
    € HT1200mois / équipe
    • Formation aux Ateliers Craft
    • Mise en place du format avec l'équipe
    • Coaching lors de la rétrospective
    • 4 Ateliers Craft / mois