ProMyze fully supports the Software Craftsmanship movement. Code quality is a major concern that should be handled collaboratively by the whole development team.

Why watch your technical debt on a daily basis?

Less bugs

The more default in the code (too complex functions for example), the more bugs.


In average, developers loose 40% of their time because of poor source code quality.

Team motivation

Discouragement , slowdown and technical debt have a strong impact on team's motivation and productivity .

Stop being driven
by indicators

Respect these following thresholds won’t improve the quality of your projects.

  • Thresholds on code coverage
  • Thresholds on code smells
  • Blocking constraints on code smells
  • Separate functional tasks from those related to quality

Quality should be managed by the development team

The development team is the sole actor on the source code, the development methods used will define the quality of the source code.

  • Collaboration and exchanges within the team
  • Promotion of actions that improve quality
  • Strategy on what to do and where to do it
  • Animation around development methods and good practices

A collaborative platform dedicated to software quality
for development teams


Focus on new development actions within the team in order to exchange on current good practices.


A cockpit for each developer with personalized feedback that highlights positive actions on the quality of projects.


Suggested action plans automatically anchor daily improvement actions in team practices.


Gamification to create more exchanges around clean code, testing methods and good practices.


  • Themis allowed us to improve the quality of the source code without raising the delivery time.

    GFI Informatique
    GFI Informatique
  • Themis changed my way to code.

  • Themis allows you to discuss with the team to disseminate best practices for certain rules.

    Sopra Steria
    Sopra Steria
  • Themis improve understanding of programming rules.

    Sopra Steria
    Sopra Steria

Our offer


We take care of installation and configuration of Themis. We train development teams in an hour and support the team in animation around the platform.


We can assist you with the implementation and configuration of quality tools as well as their integration in your software factory.


We offer inter and intra training around software quality topics: TDD , DDD , DevOps , Clean Code , Git , Tests exploratory .


From our workshop or at your home, our teams will use good development practices and best methods to develop your projects or support your teams.